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IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell meets often to review the existing courses, design new curriculum in view of the changing educational scenario and discuss the extent of implementation of the annual plan. The curricular and co-curricular programme of the College are effectively carried out by specific committees constituted for the purpose. The Principal delegates the duties to the faculty members in accordance with their expertise and interest. Excelsior is our motto. The quest for excellence is sustained and ensured through meticulous planning and implementation of the various schemes adopted. Each department is required to make annual departmental plan at the beginning of every academic year and submit it to the Principal for suggestions for implementation. Academic Audit Committee monitors the implementation of the year plan in letter and spirit. Lapse, if any, is rectified.

Financial allotment for every department is made by the Principal in consultation with the Bursar based on the enrolment and the need of the department. This amount is used for the purchase of equipment and books, faculty training and workshops/ seminars at the department level. Faculty Development Programme at different levels are organised for the development of Human Resources on campus, with the guidance of the Principal and Academic Affairs Committee. A significant programme that is routinely organised is a regular test of students for the orientation of the new recruits on the core values and ethos of the College.

Feedback is facilitated by the IQAC and Academic Audit Committee every year for all faculty members who are later assessed by the Principal. The faculty members, whose performance is below the desired minimum level of expectancy, are counselled by the Principal. Continuous improvement in the academic process is ensured through participation in seminars and conferences at national and university level. The Principal constantly deputes faculty members for various seminars /conferences at the national/ university level to enable the faculty to update their knowledge and be exposed to the recent trends in higher education.

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