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Career Guidance and Counselling Cell

A Counselling Cell has been established for academic counselling. The faculty also participates in personal counselling:

  • To help students to chalk out academic roadmaps for themselves.
  • To enable students to integrate themselves with the milieu.
  • To acquaint them with various career options through seminars.
  • To address problems related to stress, anxiety, examination phobia, peer pressure and adjustment to changed environment.
  • To help students, Periodic reports are shared with parents whenever necessary. Aptitude tests have been carried out to see the inclination of the students. Students were made to undergo this test and they had much to avail themselves of it.


  • Mentoring of the students is our top priority. Each teacher takes keen interest to mentor students under their charge.
  • Teacher-student mentoring is a regular feature but we also promote student mentoring. Day scholars take the initiative to mentor students under their charge.
  • Student Welfare Cell‘s members are always available to heed to the problems of the students. Students are always free to approach the teachers for any kind of guidance-personal, professional and so on. Students come with a burden and special endeavours are made to see that they get relieved of the burden .
  • The students visit Students Welfare Cell where a lecturer (member of student Welfare) is made available throughout the day. Teachers come to the cell in their free periods. They counsel the students on diverse issues ranging from some personal psychological to social and academic.

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